Soft Skills

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Soft Skills


When people hear about soft skills, they immediately think this is the fluffy stuff… and the reality is, that it is the fluffy stuff. But it is also the element of entrepreneurship that when applied correctly can and will make the biggest difference in your business. This is the section of the work where we will teach you everything you need to know to ensure you have great self-awareness, confidence and ability to convey your message.

This course is broken into multiple sections, as shown below:

  • Understanding personality types: using the Enneagram model, we show you the 9 personality types in the world, how to detect them and how to work with them more effectively.
  • Negotiation techniques: we share some of our persuasive negotiation techniques to help you have the tough conversations, as well as:
    • 4 tips to become charming
    • 4 ways to get along with anyone
    • 4 personalities you need to know when negotiating
  • Wealth dynamics: understanding what flow brings you closet to your wealth creation.
  • Emotional intelligence: how to understand and utilise the action signals of 10 of the most common “negative” emotions we experience.
  • Feedback skills: how to use the 3-2-1 methodology to give feedback in a coherent, easy to understand and act-upon way.
  • Conflict resolution: how to deal with conflict, which is rife in any new business venture.
  • Leadership: the 4 key elements of becoming a fantastic leader.
  • Body language – understanding yourself: how to empower yourself using your body language.
  • Body language – understanding the unconscious signs of other people: how to read people based on their body language.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or would like to provide us with feedback, please don’t be hesitant to contact us or comment on the post below.