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Setting your personal and business SUCCESS

The true success in your business will come when you have success habits. Consistency is key. You might be further behind than a lot of other people, you might have less resources and opportunities, but the one thing we all have that is consistent, is time. That is the only thing that every human has the exact same of. It’s the ones who best use their 24 hours and develop habitual routines that guarantee success.

Now these habits may differ from profession to profession and industry to industry, but there are certain rituals that are bound to lead to success and bound to lead to failure. Let’s start with the easier one, the habits of failure. Habits of failure are easy to think of, things like;

  • Always being late
  • Waiting for other people to do the work for you
  • Focusing on immediate reward and benefit
  • Burning bridges with people
  • Self-loathing
  • Waking up late
  • Not caring
  • Blaming

I could go on for hours just on the habits that other people have that force them down the path of failure… but you don’t want to follow that path, you want to take the high road. And if you can get used to the high-road and used to acting with integrity, self-confidence and success habits, success will become an easier road to cross.

The one success habit that every successful person has, is goal setting. I’m not talking about the lose, vague and uninspired goals everyone sets at the end of the year. They aren’t good at creating new years resolutions, but rather, they are expert at creating, scheduling and following through on yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily goals. People of high success, are spending hours every week developing goals that are aligned to their future vision of their businesses.

It’s all about your small consistent actions

So many people tell me that the small things don’t matter. “If I just eat one chocolate bar, it won’t matter.” “If I miss just one meeting, it won’t matter.” “If I just skip one class, it won’t matter.” I guess you could argue that making one small mistake doesn’t make the world of difference, BUT, what you must remember is that making one mistake, makes it easier to make another mistake. Think about it, an obese man is not obese because on one day he ate 50 steaks and that’s why he’s obese. It was the small actions every day that caused his lifestyle of difficulty. It was the every morning waking up and saying to himself, “having just one bacon and egg roll won’t matter.” It was the every afternoon saying to himself, “I’ll just skip gym once.” It was the every evening saying to himself, “I’ll just grab one more plate.”

It’s all about the small things that are done over time. That is where success and failure is made, with your daily disciplines and actions. And that’s why we advocate having daily goal setting. If you’re able to set goals every day and make the little adjustments every morning, afternoon and evening, you can turn your small success into a big success, similar to the guy who turned his small stomach into obesity with daily actions. You won’t be a success over night, but if you work hard, stay disciplined, goal set daily and believe in your dreams, one day people will call you an overnight success.

It’s as the old saying goes, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with ONE step.” The biggest thing holding most entrepreneurs back is the idea of instant success. Some have the belief that if they have worked a week in their business and they’re still not seeing results, that this means they’re a failure. That’s NOT TRUE. That is one of the most limiting beliefs. The challenge with entrepreneurship (and why so many people fail) is that it’s not a straight, easy line to follow. No no! It’s a difficult journey, with twists, turns and obstacles that you weren’t expecting.

Again, this is why goals are so important. If you have small, manageable goals (that are aligned to your future vision), you will feel you are making progress, even if you haven’t received any material rewards yet. It will help you remain focused long enough so that you will see some rewards and thus work harder to achieve more. It’s a cycle of momentum. A sales friend of mine once said, “The best time to make a sale, is right after you’ve made a sale.” Momentum has power and goals gives us a chance to build momentum out of nothing.

Just do it

Goal setting is only the first step to taking charge of your business and dreams. Once you have set your goals, you will need to jump into action. Action without goals is empty and wasteful, and goals without action are blind.

In this course you will learn the skills that we have learnt from some of the greatest goal setting thought leaders… people like Tony Robbins (worlds greatest life coach), Robin Sharma (author of The monk who sold his Ferrari) and Zig Ziglar.

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